WWE Quiz - How Well Do You Remember The Ministry Of Darkness?

Are you ready to accept the Lord of Darkness as your saviour and take this quiz?


It's hard to believe that it's been two decades since The Undertaker ventured down a more demonic route and became the leader of The Ministry of Darkness. As dark as he had been in the past, this was something else entirely.

Gone were his trademark hats and coats and in their place were long hooded robes and unholy sacrifices. No longer was he WWE's triumphant soul-taking hero - instead, he was a heartless monster who took great pleasure in terrorising the company.

While it's not exactly renowned for producing 'The Phenom's best in-ring work, this era did allow him the opportunity to gift us with some of his finest mic work to date, as he cut some chilling p,romos and even began speaking in tongues - all of which added to the satanic character he was portraying.

Though his time as the leader of The Ministry was short, 'Taker did such a great job with the role that it has become as iconic as many of his other, longer-tenured, personas.

Having said all that, 1999 was a long time ago. So how well do you remember those dark days? Let's test your knowledge and find out...

1. In 1998, Who Did The Undertaker Reunite With To Form The Ministry Of Darkness?


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