WWE Quiz: Rey Mysterio - How Much Do You Know About The Master Of The 619?

Will you be the ultimate underdog at this quiz?


Rey Mysterio will make his long-awaited return to WWE tonight at SmackDown 1000. It'll be Mysterio's first appearance on the blue brand for over four years, and after headline-grabbing performances at both the Royal Rumble and the Greatest Royal Rumble PPVs, fans cannot wait for him to return to the ring.

Standing at only 5'6, it's amazing to think what the 'Biggest Little Man' has achieved in the business. Starting out in AAA in Mexico, he made his name in ECW and WCW, before making the leap to the WWE and becoming the beloved underdog we still know him as today.

Mysterio's career is littered with memorable moments; from being unmasked in WCW by The Outsiders, to his unforgettable feud with best friend Eddie Guerrero, and his record-breaking Royal Rumble appearance & subsequent World Heavyweight Championship win at WrestleMania.

Nevertheless, just how much do you know about the master of the 619? Can you remember which WCW pay-per-view he debuted at? Who did he beat to win his first Cruiserweight Championship in WWE? Just how long was he WWE Champion for?!

Test yourself against our quiz and find out...

Answers at the end!

1. How Old Was Rey Mysterio When He Made His Wrestling Debut?


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