WWE: Ranking 7 Hottest Divas Today

2. AJ Lee

aj lee One of the craziest divas on the roster presently, AJ Lee is a diva with spunk, attitude and a vibrant personality. She also has the charming cute look, which makes her a lovable face, yet a despicable heel, which only works in her favor. AJ Lee is not only one of the most beautiful women in the world, but is also one of the best wrestlers currently, and therefore, is the perfect mixture. AJ Lee also has some nerdy characteristics, which makes her a hero within the comic book-wrestling fan marks. A natural actor, A Lee truly puts a hundred percent whenever she performs in the ring, which makes her a perfect face of the Divas division. AJ Lee started her WWE journey with NXT, as she reached the second position, only to lose to the current Divas Champion. However, she was promoted to the roster and she won matches as a face. She quickly became Daniel Bryan's girlfriend, which lead her to new heights. After their breakup, however, AJ Lee went 'crazy', and that was the moment her career officially took a turn upwards. AJ Lee was a phenomenal actor, and her looks made it even better. AJ controlled everyone in the WWE, and still, is on the top of the ladder with the men. By dating the current World Heavyweight Champion, AJ has made it clear that she is looking for someone with high potential, and with Dolph and Big E, the only direction in which AJ can proceed is up.
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