WWE: Ranking Undertaker’s 21 WrestleMania Victories Worst To Best

Every victory from the Undertaker’s phenomenal unbeaten streak, ranked.

Erik Beaston



Throughout the thirty year history of WrestleMania, no Superstar has encapsulated the importance and spectacle of the event more than The Undertaker.

Debuting at WrestleMania VII in March of 1991, the man the late Gorilla Monsoon referred to as “the Phenom” has taken on major Superstars from three generations en route to amassing an unheard of 21-0 undefeated streak. Former champions, icons of the squared circle, make up the Dead Man’s unblemished resume at the Showcase of the Immortals. Every year a new Superstar steps up to the plate, promising to do what no one else has and every year, they fall just short on the grandest stage the sports-entertainment industry has to offer.

Some of the matches Undertaker has competed in at the biggest show of the year have gone down as some of the best in WrestleMania. Others suffered from poor opposition, weak chemistry or injuries.

It is too early to tell which end of the spectrum his match against Brock Lesnar on April 6 will fall into. Both men have exhibited tremendous chemistry in the past, as evidenced by their outstanding Hell in a Cell match in 2002, but age, injury and Lesnar’s unorthodox offense all have potential to be wildcards in one of this year’s marquee bouts.

In celebration of Undertaker’s twenty-second WrestleMania bout, let’s take a look back at his previous 21 victories and rank them from worst to best.