Slowly but surely we move ever closer to the next WWE summer PPV, Payback. And as we do so, RAW attempts to keep us all intrigued by slightly advancing the various major storylines, with dashes of  random mid-card performers wrestling on their flagship show. Here are 5 things we learned following RAW this week:


5. The Return Of CM Punk Is Revealed

CM Punk

In what would have otherwise been a mere passing TV segment, Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel featured an intriguing interview with Paul Heyman. And while we were sure this opportunity would be used to further put over the newly launched Curtis Axel character, what we were treated to instead was an interrogation that was long overdue: Jericho asked Heyman for the whereabouts of CM Punk.

Punk walked off WWE television 6 weeks ago in the middle of a live RAW broadcast, and he has not been heard from since. WWE Creative finally hits a homerun by throwing Jericho into the mix and using his Highlight Reel segment to finally generate some serious buzz that’s been sorely missing on the RAW program since Punk’s self-imposed exile. Jericho demands that Punk return if he still wants to be considered The Best In The World, and that he do so at the Payback PPV. It’s a great setup for Punk’s return, and he and Jericho could finally deliver a real performance clinic with this, their second pairing in recent years. For us, this instantly ups the interest factor for the Payback PPV.

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This article was first posted on May 28, 2013