WWE Raw LIVE Webcast With Adam & Adam

Join us live for the three-hour marathon.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDVefQhTM6Y So much for the might of the Roman Empire. After the underwhelming waves caused by Survivor Series and Sheamus becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion we're now looking at a vastly different landscape to how the plan was supposed to go before Seth Rollins' knee exploded. Tonight's Raw - the first after Roman so quickly surrendered his belt - needs to do a lot of things, but first and foremost it needs to entertain a hell of a lot more than the event it's landing after. Will we see the return of the pantomime villain Authority boasting of Sheamus's success, or will they rightfully let Reigns, Sheamus and Ambrose work out their differences into a satisfying feud that doesn't rely on the smug gloating presence of Triple H as the ringmaster again? Only one of those approaches would be right. And luckily we've got the perfect accompaniment in case the action lets you down. Join us tonight as Adam & Adam provide their live reactions to the post Survivor Series episode of WWE Raw. We'll be with you for the whole of the three-hour marathon; interacting with viewers and bringing you a light-hearted broadcast that you can enjoy in conjunction with the WWE's live show.

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