WWE RAW Reaction 11/02/13 - CM Punk Leaves With WWE Title


I'd love to know who wrote The Shield's lines for this week's RAW. It seemed to me that as they stood and ranted about "The John Cena Problem" and the "Decade of injustice" those words could have been spoken by a plethora of WWE mid card talents who've perhaps been held back by The Cena Machine throughout their careers despite being way more talented than he is. It was a great decision to give The Shield some microphone time after week's of not saying very much. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are great talkers, Roman Reigns has a way to go but he's pretty good at shouting which is kinda his role as enforcer anyway.

Utilising the blackout was a good idea but tell me how that makes the babyfaces look tough? When The Shield use that method to attack they're called cowards. The six men battled with some real urgency once things got going to illustrate how important the feud is. So urgent in fact that Cena stops to adjust his shoe before chasing off Rollins.


I just wish the group didn't have to dress like the Attitude Era version of The Big Bossman.

The Paul Heyman CM Punk love in made for some great TV. I'm not sure what it was supposed to achieve other than put over Brock Lesnar and Punk and the fact that Heyman fears Vince McMahon but whenever Paul is in the ring you can pretty much guarantee gold.

Mark Henry was on RAW again this week beating The Great Khali in 94 seconds. Please wrestling Gods send us another Indian superstar so that WWE can release Khali and spare us all. It's what happened after the match that got more people's attention.


Paul Heyman popped up again to grovel to Vince McMahon in a backstage segment. Surprisingly Vince agreed to the stipulation Heyman suggested for the WWE Championship rematch at Elimination Chamber which is if The Rock is counted out or disqualified CM Punk will be reinstated as champion. There's more to this story than meets the eye of course so I guess we'll all find out together. Suggestions on a postcard.


Daniel Bryan versus Chris Jericho was an excellent TV match. I'd like to see more from these two guys working together. It's a shame that Jericho isn't likely going to be around for long once Wrestlemania passes us by. 10/10 for Bryan's facial expressions throughout.


Dirty Dutch Mantell is back. What a month for returns. In an inspired choice WWE has paired the "xenophobic" Mantell (now know as Zeb Coulter) with The All American American Jack Swagger. Could this be a sign that Swagger will win at Elimination Chamber to fight the Mexican babyface champion? I sure hope so. As you'll see in the video Mantell was stirling in his role as antagonist.


Brodus Clay and Tensai are a tag team. Is this the return of the Hip Hop Hippo from way back? Anything's better than Lord Tensai I guess.

Tell me why you'd have Damien Sandow tap out to Alberto Del Rio in not much more than a minute? What's the point in that?

The Big Red Machine qualified for Elimination Chamber this Sunday. He joins Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Jack Swagger in what could be a match of the night candidate given the participants.

In the final segment The Rock not only name dropped Jeff Jarrett but he also admitted he hung out with crack dealers. Tut tut tut. Not very PG Dwayne! After a few boring minutes CM Punk rocked up to save the day and deliver a definitive GTS to the WWE champion. Give an assist to Paul Heyman. Thank goodness he didn't quit, hu?


"That isn't yours Punk" says Lawler on commentary as Punk picks up the WWE title. "You haven't earned it". Really? And The Rock has? Come on WWE do you really believe that?

So on a night when we were told The Undertaker may reappear we were instead left with the image of a triumphant CM Punk standing tall over The People's Champion - an image I'd pay good money to see repeated this coming Sunday.

Something tells me I'd be wasting my money.


I like wrestling, comics and films. This obviously makes me a BIG hit with the ladies.