WWE Raw Results 14/5/2012 – Big Show Is Fired

Last night’s WWE Raw SuperShow results from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.

Matt Holmes


Last night’s WWE Raw SuperShow results from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.

Triple H is walking backstage with his arm in a brace and he walks into John Laurinaitis. The Raw General Manager tells him that he didn’t know Lesnar was going to attack him a fortnight ago and says that it was painful to watch Lesnar beat HHH up, humiliate him and break his arm. Laurinaitis says Triple H has his support and sympathy. Triple H just stares down at Laurinaitis and says he is about to tell the whole world how he feels and wishes Johnny Ace luck in his match with John Cena on Sunday.

HHH comes to the ring and says he is not concerned over his physical injuries sustained in Lesnar’s attack but he is offended by Lesnar’s remarks about bringing back legitimacy to the company. Triple H says the day before Lesnar returned he was standing toe-to-toe with The Undertaker and that Lesnar’s arrogance not only offends him but also the likes of Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino and every other wrestler who has ever walked down that isle.

HHH says he was slightly embarrassed to initially buy into the Lesnar crap but that he soon found out Brock was a quitter. He quit when he just started to be challenged in the WWE, he quit when winning wasn’t so easy. He quit UFC after he got his ass kicked just a bit. He says Lesnar quit WWE when he failed to beat John Cena.

Finally Lesnar quit when his contract demands weren’t met. Lesnar’s music interrupts and Paul Heyman comes out along with a lawyer.

Heyman says Lesnar’s contract agreement is an open and shut case. His client entered into an agreement with John Laurinaitis on live TV and HHH tearing it up was a breach of contract. Heyman said Triple H brought a fighter into the entertainment company and didn’t like it when Lesnar wanted to fight. The lawyer serves Triple H the lawsuit papers and Heyman explains that Lesnar is suing the WWE for the millions of dollars they owe to him. Heyman says that Lesnar was disappointed on a personal level because he expected much more from HHH than the sniffling, conniving, corporate ant that hasn’t lived up to the hype that has surrounded him.

Triple H then grabs Heyman by the neck and backs him against the ropes. As HHH leaves, Heyman says he just screwed up yet again and now has another lawsuit to answer for, assault and battery. Heyman says he will see Triple H in court!

Footage plays of Big Show mocking John Laurinaitis last week. Announcers reveal that if Show doesn’t apologise tonight, he will be fired.

1) CM Punk & Santino Marella defeated Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes when Punk hits the GTS on Rhodes.

2) Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox with the Glam Slam. WWE Divas Champion Layla was watching on the stage.

Post-match, Layla runs down to make the save for Alicia when Beth was about to beat her down. Layla face plants Beth and sends her out of the ring.

Kane vs Zack Ryder is announced for the WWE Over The Limit pay-per-view pre-show on Sunday.

3) Kane defeated Big Show when Laurinaitis distracted Show asking for an apology on the mic and Kane chokeslammed Show for the pinfall.

John Laurinatis enters the ring and tells Show to get up and face him. Laurinaitis reminds Show that he is the boss here and that he shouldn’t make fun of him. He demands an apology.

Show says he has been thinking about what he should say to Laurinaitis today. He says he has done it all in his career and can walk away now happy but he still loves what he does and loves waking up to perform for the WWE fans. Show begins to cry and the crowd chant in support. Show apologises twice for his actions.

Laurinaitis says that isn’t enough and he should get down on his knees and beg for his job. Show hesitates but he does it and begs for his job. Laurinaitis fires Big Show, who keeps balling his eyes out and apologising but Johnny has made his decision and the Big Show is gone.

4) Brodus Clay, R-Truth & Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger when Clay hits the big splash on The Miz.

Abraham Washington, Mason Ryan, Primo, Epico & Rosa Mendes were watching at ringside.

Alex Riley is backstage walking with CM Punk when AJ Lee walks up. She wishes Punk luck for Sunday. Punk says he isn’t interested in getting involved with her and Daniel Bryan because he doesn’t need the drama.

5) Chris Jericho defeated Randy Orton by DQ when Sheamus attacked Jericho.

John Laurinatis comes to the ring by himself and says John Cena is a loser. He will prove this at WWE Over The Limit and after a while John Cena’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. Cena runs down Laurinaitis’ failures and calls him a loser.

Eventually Eve Torres whispers in Johnny’s ear that the Board has decided their match at WWE Over The Limit will be a singles bout, with no special guest referee and if anyone is to interfere, they will be fired. Add to that, if John Laurinaitis loses the match, he will also be fired.

Cena’s music his and Laurinaitis just smacks him and leaves the ring as RAW goes off the air.