WWE Raw Results 26/11/12 - CM Punk & The Shield Destroy Ryback

Last night's WWE Raw results from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana. Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler are on commentary. 1) Ryback defeated Titus O'Neil with the Shell Shocked. After the match, Ryback addressed CM Punk and NXT 3 and got a "Feed Me More" chant started before security eventually made their way down to the ring. Ryback tossed one of them out of the ring and was able to battle a second before Vickie Guerrero came to the ring and says Ryback will not be allowed to put his hands on security. She has no choice but to... Ryback interrupts and says he wants to face CM Punk at TLC and he ain't going anywhere until he gets the match. Ryback says he wants Punk in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Ryback says there is no amount of security that can stop him from tearing the ring up until he gets what he wants. Ryback scares them out of the ring and gets a big pop from the crowd before slapping hands with ringside fans. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler shows us footage from last week of Rosa Mendes being sprayed with water by Hornswoggle. Footage was then shown earlier today of Rosa confronting Hornswoggle backstage and him telling her to calm down. Alberto Del Rio then comes in and rips into Hornswoggle and says he would be more than happy to give Rosa revenge. The Great Khali walked up and tells Del Rio to leave his family alone. 2) Alberto Del Rio defeated The Great Khali with the Cross Armbreaker with Rosa cheering him on backstage. Vickie Guerrero is backstage with CM Punk and Paul Heyman, with Punk upset about Vickie giving Ryback another shot at TLC. Punk says he beat Ryback already and he asks her if she knows what kind of danger she has put him in. Heyman accuses Vickie of playing politics. She says she gave Ryback a title shot because of what happened at Survivor Series and Hell in a Cell. Punk says he has nothing to do with Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose. Vickie says the winner of tonight's RAW active poll - either Kane or Daniel Bryan - will be his opponent tonight. Michael Cole starts interviewing Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose. Cole asks them if they work directly for Punk and Ambrose says no. Cole asks them why they are here... Rollins says they are a shield from justice in the WWE. It's just a coincidence they have helped Punk twice so far. Ambrose says it was wrong for Punk having to defend his title and says he would have done the same thing if it was Ryback or Cena in Punk's shoes. Ambrose says they are not the Nexus and not the nWo. He says they are about principles and honour - a shield from injustice. He declares that they are called The Shield. 3) Tamina Snuka defeated Alicia Fox with a Superfly Splash. John Cena comes to the ring and says people have been asking him all week long if AJ Lee is a good kisser. He is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero. Vickie says she has a gift for Cena and AJ and she hands Cena a box which contains matching bath robes for Cena and AJ. Vickie calls it a token of her appreciation and says Cena and AJ's whole world will implode and come crashing down on them. She points to how crazy AJ is to Cena before AJ's music plays and out she comes. AJ comes out and says it's true - she has had a lot of issues in the past and she is trying to learn from her mistakes and become a better person. Now that she is no longer the General Manager, she can date whoever she wants. She touches Cena on the face and gazes in his eyes. She smacks Cena on the ass, causing Cena to drop the mic and she goes to kiss Cena before Vickie interrupts. They have more words until Dolph Ziggler comes out. He says he is out there to interrupt this episode of Jerry Springer. Cena and Ziggler look ready to fight before Vickie says they will settle it tonight in a match. Ziggler comes to the ramp and says he has to interrupt this episode of Jerry Springer. Ziggler says the real story is how he tackled Cena through a bathroom wall last week and he just took it. Ziggler says then Cena hit him with a cheap shot on SmackDown and attacked him from behind. Ziggler wonders why Cena resorted to cowardly tactics. Ziggler says it hit him - he knows what's eating Cena up inside. Ziggler says last week when Cena and AJ kissed, AJ was thinking about Ziggler the entire time. Cena says that's funny. Cena gets the crowd hype and goes to fight Ziggler but Vickie stops him. Vickie says they will settle it tonight - Ziggler vs. Cena. 4) WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Tensai with a big crossbody for the win in a non-title match. Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston for the IC Title is announced for the TLC pay-per-view. Kane won the CM Punk poll with 58% of the vote and he will face the WWE Champion tonight. 5) Rey Mysterio defeated Daniel Bryan with a 619 and a big splash. 6) John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler with the Attitude Adjustment. 7) Sheamus defeated WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro by count out in a non-title match when Big Show interfered. 8) Damien Sandow defeated Kane with a neckbreaker. 9) WWE Champion CM Punk defeated Kane with the GTS after interference from The Shield. RAW goes off the air with The Shield having knocked down Daniel Bryan, Kane and Ryback. Ryback gets a triple powerbomb from The Shield as RAW goes off the air.
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