WWE RAW Review 8/27/2013: 5 Things We Learned

WWE-Raw-logo Coming off a great post-Summerslam RAW broadcast, this week WWE gave us a mixed bag of television that was just mediocre at its best in the end. Here are 5 things we learned this week as we are stuck in WWE limbo, waiting for the next PPV:

5. CM Punk and Paul Heyman Continue To Bring The Heat

CM Punk It's hard to argue that their program is not the best program of both men's careers inside the WWE. Both CM Punk and Paul Heyman continue to be compelling each and every week, regardless of the involvement of Brock Lesnar on a regular basis. CM Punk has made a nice return to being one of the company's top faces, and Heyman also continues to excel in his role as the slimy Manager heel. This week the feud found a new addition in Curtis Axel. We can assume this is the only way WWE knows how to try and get Axel over as Heyman's new protege heel, but this is a risky move. Axel, while proven in the ring to a great extent, is still very unproven on the mic. And without Heyman he has nowhere to really go; and, if Punk wins the Intercontinental Title from him, the whole angle could blow up and become one big wasted opportunity. Tread carefully, WWE.
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