WWE Raw Review: Looking At “Tea for Two and Two for Tea” UK Edition

When the WWE travels across the pond, you are often not sure what you’re going to get. Between the jet…

Paul Jordan



When the WWE travels across the pond, you are often not sure what you’re going to get. Between the jet lag of the performers and the grueling schedule of the whole caravan of events. It can really be a mixed bag at times. But at least in my opinion that was not the case for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Much like a few weeks ago, the crowd plays a large part in that. The enthusiastic crowd in the 02 Arena kept the energy up with certain chants, which unlike New Jersey a few weeks ago wasn’t as distracting and disrespectful in some aspects. As they were trying to be the whole show they were just trying to enhancing the experience they were having which is when a crowd should do.

But it wasn’t like they didn’t have enough to cheer for as WWE put together quite the entertaining Raw. And you knew it was going to be fun Raw when the first image you saw was the glaring eye of Paul Heyman. Heyman and his interaction with Hunter in the opening segment was just raise as both men played the roles really well. It wasn’t overly drawn out. It was what it needed to be to keep the storyline going. Although there is that logic hole of the fact that why wouldn’t COO of the company be on an international tour of the UK? All that aside. Good opening segment.

Then we see the Shield arrive from a helicopter as they are just coming off the Cardiff, Wales house show legitimately and heading to the London arena. It was cool and it served the purpose. I can’t believe how run ragged WWE talent on these international tours.

Antonio Césaro loses to R-Truth in both a match and vocal ability. So two questions here at why is R-Truth getting a push and why was Michael Cole dancing during this segment? This came off really weird…

Then we hear the Shield give another solid promo even though I can stop staring at the spittle on the side of Ambrose’s mouth.

During the nights we see Tons of Funk and Team Rhodes Scholars trade wins in singles competition as Damien Sandow defeated Brodus and Sweet T defeated Cody Rhodes. Mysteriously, the Bellas are nowhere to be found not in these matches or the Divas Battle Royal later in the night.

(The commentators explain their absence from the Battle Royal as they got disqualified for using twin magic last week. So now they get disqualified for using it as opposed with using it all the other times , especially since they won a title with the technique… Okay lame excuse to explain why they’re not there , but at least they tried.)

Speaking of divas, it seems WWE didn’t forget about the rivalry after all as were going to get AJ versus Kaitlyn in the new future as Dolph’s snuggle muffin played possum and eliminated hometown girl Layla to earn a title shot is Kaitlyn in the near future. The only sad thing is, it really shows how bare-bones that divas roster really is at the current time. And the divas didn’t even get separate entrances

A couple other rivalries were not forgotten as Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler had a hell of a match where with the help of Big E and AJ and Fandango Dolph was able to pull off the victory again. I don’t have to tell you this point how frustrated this makes me that Dolph can’t get a clean victory over anyone.

Chris Jericho would get his revenge on the strictly ballroom superstar after winning his match with William Regal which was great as always is with the man from Blackpool, England in his own country. I thought having Jericho nail Fandango on the ramp and throw him off dancing with his partner (which look to be Summer Rae from WWE NXT but I could be wrong) was a nice touch. And whenever Jericho pops back up the feud will continue.

Big E with new theme music defeated the always incomparable Zack Ryder as he wonders am I a heel yet? I thought Langston was a little creepy this week in both a backstage segment with Dolph and AJ (which was pretty funny by the way) and how long he stayed on that cover of Zack. It was like he was waiting for a five count that never came.

The featured contest The Shield Versus Team Hell No and the undertaker and that match did not disappoint. From the beat down before the match started to the match itself, it was solid and well booked from all parties. As the hounds of justice chalk up another big W in the win column…

Everybody looked great in this match. Say what you want about the Undertaker’s physique these days for man in his late 40s he looks pretty good out there. It’ll be interesting to see what is next for the Shield. There was talk of them getting a tag team title shot. It will be interesting to see that happened.

The other big storyline of the night was WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley interacting with the Ryback over his actions last week. While I thought this storyline was reaching for something that was not there Foley and Ryback attempted to make lackluster promos from John Cena a forgotten memory. However, with the indelible image of John Cena hitting the AA on Ryback with little to no struggle to do so it took away some of the aura the Ryback character. I do like the fact though that John Cena looking like he was going to return the favor from last week and then coming to the aid of his challenger at Extreme Rules against The Shield was a different way to do it.

All in all, was this the best episode no but it was solid, nothing was terrible and the crowd really helps elevate things way more to an enjoyable level.