WWE RAW Review: The Elimination Chamber Go-Home Show


Another week, another RAW. This was the go-home show for the Elimination Chamber PPV happening this Sunday. This was the last chance the WWE had in order to get you to order their $50 pre-Wrestlemania PPV. Or at least an attempt to generate enough interest that you may try to find an illegal stream.

Overall, I enjoyed last night€™s episode considerably more than last weeks. Turns out, I was actually in the minority of not loving last week€™s episode. Let€™s see if I can make it two-for-two when going against the grain this week.

OPENING SEGMENT: Paul Heyman Promo

The go-home RAW opens with a Paul Heyman promo. Heyman says this is the last time he will ever be seen in the WWE because it doesn€™t matter how hard he tries, he will never be able to fight the McMahon machine. He once again cites the example of CM Punk being screwed at the Royal Rumble.

CM Punk comes out to try to keep Heyman from leaving. He says they can beat this thing together and overcome the bad dream they are living in. He wants Paul Heyman to be in his corner when he reclaims the title. Paul Heyman suddenly has an epiphany and says that he will join CM Punk this Sunday. They then both hug and embrace each other.

This wasn€™t a very good segment to start the show with. It ultimately did nothing to further any storyline. Paul Heyman wanting to leave came out of nowhere and having such a quick resolution with Punk coming out made the segment feel like a time-filler. For the first time since the Punk heel-turn, I was bored by a CM Punk segment. I will be happy when the feud with the Rock is over with so he can move on to something more interesting.

Also, note to fans, we all loved ECW. I loved ECW. But please, if you notice you and 6 other people are the only ones chanting €œE-C-DUB€, it might be time to move on.

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