WWE Raw Superstar To Miss Months Through Injury?

Bad news for this former champion...

AOP Roode Gable

The Authors Of Pain haven't wrestled on WWE television since 17 December 2018, but their absence isn't due to the company's ongoing neglection of their tag team divisions.

Per Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AOP going MIA from TV is related to Akam, who is dealing with an undisclosed leg injury.

There's currently no word on exactly how long the former Raw Tag Team Champion will be out for, but Meltzer believes that he is expected to miss several months. Unfortunately, this puts his partner Rezar in limbo, much like Tyler Breeze, who, NXT return aside, has been given next to nothing to do since Fandango went down last year.

Like every other tag team on the Raw roster, AOP have struggled for main roster momentum, and struggled to build any after the coldest main roster introduction imaginable. They settled into a more consistent role with Drake Maverick, but their Tag Team Title reign lasted just 35 days before they were knocked off by Bobby Roode and Chad Gable.

The division's wider malaise makes it tough to feel optimistic about AOP's trajectory in general, but let's hope Akam makes a prompt recovery.

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