WWE Raw Superstars Invade SmackDown Ahead Of Survivor Series

Kurt Angle leads the charge as red conquers blue.

Having spent the past month 'under siege' from WWE SmackDown superstars and their Commissioner, Shane McMahon, Raw's Kurt Angle finally decided to fight back on last night's show.

The red brand's GM had thus far resisted all temptation to bite back at the blue show, raising the ire of his own Commissioner, Stephanie McMahon, but that all changed this week. The Shield kicked off a widescale assault on SmackDown, laying The New Day Out in the ring, before The Usos and The Bar joined the brawl.

A stream of red and blue wrestlers joined the fray, with Braun Strowman proving a difference-maker, and the show closed with Angle audibly admonishing Shane, before The Shield took him out with a triple powerbomb.

Raw's women also made an appearance, with Alicia Fox, Alexa Bliss and co. attacking their SD counterparts in the locker-room during the chaos, then joining their roster-mates on the stage.

This was Raw's first real invasion ahead of this week's Survivor Series pay-per-view, which has been built around a huge series of inter-brand matches, including the traditional men's & women's 5-on-5 elimination bouts.

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