WWE Release 2 NXT Wrestlers

A couple of hot Performance Center prospects bite the dust.

Shadia Bseiso

WWE have come to terms on releases for Performance Center athletes Shadia Bseiso and Nasser Alruwayeh, according to a new report from Squared Circle Sirens.

Both wrestlers were among developmental's more obscure names, with neither making television throughout their WWE run, though Bseiso's 2017 signing did attract a considerable amount of wrestling media attention.

Shadia underwent an impressive tryout in Dubai (where she featured alongside over 40 other hopefuls from India and the Middle East) back in February 2017. She signed her WWE contract that October, becoming the first Arabic woman to join the promotion in the process, and reported to the Performance Center three months later, though she never actually stepped between the ropes as a wrestler. Instead, WWE utilised Bseiso as a backstage interviewer during the 2018 Mae Young Classic and also as a valet on NXT's Floridian house show loop.

Alruwayeh, meanwhile, was WWE's first ever Kuwaiti signing, having attended the same tryout as Bseiso. He did make it to the ring, but only made his way onto a handful of live event cards.

Bseiso and Alruwayeh were engaged in January 2019. Let's hope they have a long, happy future together.

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