WWE Remove Crown Jewel From Calendar

Show has vanished from listings.

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WWE have taken down the Crown Jewel event from their website's calendar of events, removing both the link to purchase tickets and its location. This follows news that all references to Saudi Arabia have been cut from their various social media pages.

The company have not made any official statement about the show at present, which remains scheduled for 2 November. It's understood that a number of backup plans are already in place should they pull out of Riyadh, including transferring its booked matches to Survivor Series, or adding a third show to the company's Manchester tapings in early November. In the latter case, Crown Jewel would become the first UK WWE pay-per-view airing globally since SummerSlam '92. No doubt they'd quickly be able to rejig the theme of the show around the Queen.

Each fresh development coming out of Stamford hints the company are hopefully gearing up for a withdrawal. Check back for more news as it emerges.

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Editorial Team

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