WWE Reunion At Dave Batista's Wedding Last Weekend

Batsita gets married.

Dave Batista was married this past weekend, f4wonline are reporting. People in attendance included close friends from WWE, such as MVP, Fit Finlay, Titus O'Neil, Chris Jericho, William Regal, and former WWE security chief Jimmy Noonan. It was like a mini-WWE reunion, however the WWE touring schedule meant that not all of Batista's close friends could attend. Batista has had a sensational time since leaving WWE in the spring of 2014. His role in Guardians Of The Galaxy propelled him into being a genuine Hollywood name, and he's now set to star in this autumn's James Bond Spectre movie. His success on the big screen most likely means that his wrestling days are behind him. He's forty-six years old and his last comeback was booed out of the building. He doesn't need that hassle, not when he's already a very rich man. His new bride is competitive pole dancer Sarah Jade. She placed in second place in the USPDF Amateur Nationals in 2012, and has her own pole-dancing workshops. She's been with Batista for several years. Chris Jericho was one of those attending the wedding, and he posted the above Instagram picture of the after-party. Batista looks happy and is having a great time in his life right now, congratulations to him.
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