WWE Royal Rumble 2014: 6 Most Likely Winners

We're just a short time away from the annual 30-man Royal Rumble. Well we say 30-man Rumble... only these 6 have a shot at actually winning it.

We're just a short time away from the annual Royal Rumble -- the first step on the Road to Wrestlemania. You win the Rumble, you get a shot at Wrestlemania against the World Champion. Of course, the unified titles are around the waist of one of the current crop of Superstars' finest examples, Randy Orton. And at the Pay Per View, he faces off with perennial champion/contender John Cena for the Unified Titles. But the Main Event, sure to be watched by the winner of the Orton and Cena Match, will determine one half of the top of the Wrestlemania card. So, for the winner of the Rumble, the rest of the year is pretty much about creating a program with the current champion. You'll notice, I don't put Brock Lesnar in this list, and I stand by it. I don't feel that there's much to be gained by Lesnar jumping into the Rumble, when he's already declared himself a top contender for the title. Putting himself above the fray, and removing the chance of an embarrassing loss at the Rumble, but if they do include him; the rumors of the front office wanting Lesnar in the Main Event of the Showcase of the Immortals is true, and he's going to take the Rumble. But, here's my call. I call Daniel Bryan is the winner of the Rumble, as Batista is waylaid somehow during the match or just before to not win. I'm thinking Undertaker, since it's Wrestlemania 30, and Batista has a serious shot at the Undertaker's streak, chances are you'll see something along those lines during the Pay Per View. On to my predictions.

Dan has taken a chairshot to the face from Ballz Mahoney. He grew up in Tampa, mere blocks from the Sportatorium, watching wrestling and taking it all in. He's a writer, and a professional illustrator.