WWE Royal Rumble 2017: 22 Best Internet Reactions To Randy Orton's Win

Look on the bright side, you got to boo him twice.


Well, that was... something.

For all of the loud frustration at WWE's reversion to type and the lack of that extra layer of magic that's usually reserved for Royal Rumble in the shape of prestigious returns and cameos, Royal Rumble 2017 did a lot of what it needed to. It made some newer stars look good, it gave some older heads a run out and it had matches and spots that people will remember well outside the frame of the PPV generally.

Owens/Reigns was entertaining, brutal and rightly resolved; AJ versus Cena was a highlight and Charlotte and Bayley delivered in a way that would have satisfied most fans even if it didn't delight everyone. Sure, the pay-off to the Rumble was marred by silly decisions, but at least we can't all just say it was another step on an already very obvious road to WrestleMania. That card is far from resolved even now.

Inevitably, fan reaction often shapes how an event is remembered in the long-term, and the picture from social media after the Rumble had stopped rumbling didn't make for entirely great reading for whoever at WWE is tasked with giving Vince McMahon a morning report. God help that guy.

Here's how the Internet reacted to this year's Rumble...

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