WWE Royal Rumble 2018: 7 Reasons To Be Fearful

1. John Cena's Presence Is Ominous

John Cena

WWE's Royal Rumble 2018 mini-site features a smiling John Cena. Nervous yet? You should be if you're a Cena-hater, because his presence is pretty ominous. Don't forget that Cena is a single win away from topping Ric Flair's 'record' haul of 16 World Titles. That's a shoe-in to happen in 2018.

If WWE decide Roman Reigns can get to Brock Lesnar another way than by winning the Rumble, there's a chance Cena will be the man to do it on 28 January. He's come back for a reason: it's 'Mania season. Last year's mixed tag match and marriage proposal provided a mid card distraction. Now, it's John's time to shine in the main event mix again.

Perhaps WWE will book an obvious end result that enables Cena to break Flair's record at WrestleMania. If they do, it'll again be that unsatisfying conclusion to the Rumble we fear. Much like Roman's route to Brock at 'Mania, there are other ways for Cena to get to his big title moment later in the year that don't spoil a match WWE really must get right.


Are you excited for or nervous about this year's Royal Rumble? If so, why? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section below!

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