WWE Royal Rumble: Best Performances From Every Entry Slot

Let's get ready to Royal Rumble.


There is nothing quite like the Royal Rumble. It is a simple concept; 30 men enter one at a time and one man leaves as the winner. Yet in the time it takes for 29 participants to be thrown over the top rope, anything can happen.

Over the years we have seen surprise returns, celebrity guests, double eliminations, controversial finishes, and much more. So much so, that these things are now a standard, almost expected part of the January PPV.

The one thing we can never predict is who will ultimately win the match. For obvious reasons the favourites are always the bigger superstars, like The Big Show or The Undertaker, and those superstars lucky enough to pull a late entry number.

But how much does the entry slot affect the odds of a superstar actually winning the match? We have seen No. 30 entrants eliminated in minutes, much earlier entrants enjoy success, and vice versa, suggesting that no matter when a superstar enters the Rumble, they will have a shot at winning.

Is that truly so, or are there some entry slots you want to grab with both hands, and some you want to avoid?

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