WWE Sign UK Stars To New Deals, Planning Bi-Weekly Live Events

Big changes are coming for WWE's UK brand.

tyler bate pete dunne

Almost three weeks removed from the UK Championship Special's WWE Network debut (plus Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate's starring turn at TakeOver: Chicago), further plans for the company's British brand have been unveiled.

WWE are set to finally deliver on their long-held promise of regular UK shows, according to a new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet. As per the write-up, the company plan on holding tapings for a new Network series every six weeks, and will run twice monthly live events across the country, featuring the stars who will will appear on the TV show.

On top of this, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Wolfgang, Mark Andrews, and WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne have all been signed to amended US contracts. The new deals will allow them to work at the Performance Center whenever WWE deem their presence necessary, though their main priority will be the UK brand.

WWE have been hinting at these plans since the UK Tournament was announced last December, and they're finally coming to fruition. There's no word on when shooting will begin, but a number of the company's British stars are currently on the road as part of NXT's UK tour.

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