WWE SmackDown 1000: 10 Superstars Who Must Return

9. Big Show


Like Austin, Big Show was also a major part of WWE when SmackDown debuted. In fact, during its season premiere, he successfully defended his and The Undertaker's WWE Tag Team Championships. Alongside the rest of the roster, he constantly wrestled on the show for the following three years. However, Show got some well-earned spotlight when he became exclusive to SmackDown in late 2002, even winning the WWE Championship. He dominated the brand right up to 2006 before moving to Raw. He then returned in 2008 and sporadically appeared on the show until 2016.

The World's Largest Athlete has looked better than ever in the past two years, putting on some of his finest performances yet. Though he is currently recovering from hip surgery, a surprise appearance (even if its in a non-wrestling capacity) from the legendary superstar would be more than welcome for SmackDown's 1000th episode.


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