WWE SmackDown Live!: 10 Things You Might Have Missed (Oct 10)

Sound Of The Underground


Sami Zayn's Hell In A Cell heel turn was a victory for long term planning executed in a painstakingly short timeframe.

It's broadly feasible that during the Kevin Owens/AJ Styles feud earlier this summer, a Shane McMahon arc was constructed to aid a shocking swerve turn for the 'Underdog From The Underground', but it's much more likely that his late addition into the storyline came as the competitors considered exactly how the Cell match would conclude.

As long as WWE remains a never-ending story, all truly great angles (and the matches that pay them off) should still create something brand new in their aftermath. Owens, McMahon and Zayn did just that, dropping Sami in as a passive voice betwixt hostilities to give enough instant justification ahead of the inevitable 'Why, Sami. Why?' moment on this edition of SmackDown Live!

The episode delivered on the unspoken promise, with Zayn and Owens offering only the necessary rationale - as all fantastic heels should.

Over the coming weeks and months, here's hoping Sami also gets to talk at length at WWE's complete corporate disinterest in his 'Sami For Syria' charitable efforts in favour of forging ahead with a cancer campaign slapped with the motif of a performer that laughed in the face of a wrestling legend suffering from the ailment. In the meantime, he can finally revel in being the devil that walks amongst us all along. As Kevin Owens can attest to, that's what real friends are for.


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