WWE SmackDown Locker Room Morale On The Rise

According to Dean Ambrose, the blue brand is filled with pride.

dean ambrose smackdown

It seems that the consensus among fans is that SmackDown is currently the better booked and more compelling of the two WWE main roster shows. Just about the only thing the original brand split was good for was giving the spotlight to talent that might not have gotten it otherwise and instilling a sense of competition in the performers on both brands.

While WWE as a company would ideally like to see both shows succeed in equal measure, ultimately one will always stand out as the superior program. As it stand now, that honor belongs to SmackDown. While interest in Raw continues to stagnate, SD has created quite a buzz for itself and is generally viewed as the better of the two. While SmackDown has the obvious advantage of producing less content, they've also made much better use of their workers (with some glaring exceptions) and get more out of what they have.

Dean Ambrose spoke about the SmackDown locker room and the pride shared among the talent who feel like they're a part of something special as the momentum continues to build for the blue brand. In an interview with Planeta Wrestling "The Lunatic Fringe" had this to say regarding the morale:

"You have to take a certain pride in your work. I think that SmackDown, and knowing that we've gotten so much great feedback from the company saying 'You guys are doing real good, you guys are becoming - we see the audience grow, we see it every week at the live events the crowd is really into the feuds and the rivalries.' As a locker room we may beat each other up every night but I think there's been a big swell of pride in the SmackDown locker room. Just a really good group of guys, it's one of the best locker rooms I've ever been a part of, it may be the best locker room I've ever been a part of. Even guys that are out there punching each other in the face every night we're kind of on the same team in some ways because we all take great pride that the show started as a new show, on a new night, and it's a live show. We take a lot of pride that we really created something good, I think we all take a little bit of ownership in that."

When morale is high and people take pride in their work, it shows in the finished product, a fact that holds true in all walks of life. If SmackDown continues to receive praise and the talent keeps putting forth this kind of effort, it may not be too long before Tuesday night's show becomes the unofficial flagship show of WWE.


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