WWE Star Receives Death Threats Over Controversial Storyline?

Some fans seem to be taking WWE's kayfabe world a little too seriously...

Lana Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley claims to have received death threats over the ongoing storyline between himself, Lana, and Rusev.

The Raw big man revealed this in a video published to Lana's official YouTube channel over the weekend:-

In the clip, 'The All Mighty' says he gets "very, very bad comments, ones I don't want to say on camera right now. Vulgar, death threats, there's a lot of things," adding that "I'm not a hard person to find and if anyone has anything to say about me, they can just come and see me."

Yeah, that doesn't sound like it'd be a wise move for the other person's health and safety.

Is this a work? Probably, though the ongoing storyline has stirred mass controversy and attracted widespread criticism since Lashley and Lana snogged each other's faces off on Raw a few weeks ago. Now, with Rusev utterly cucked, WWE are set to house a special "Divorce Court" segment on tonight's Raw, following Ru-Ru's invasion of his (soon-to-be-ex?) wife and Lashley's dinner date last week.

The storyline isn't going anywhere, clearly, and if its decent YouTube numbers are any indication, this will be the case for a while.

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