WWE Still Planning UK Network Show By The End Of 2017

Details are scarce, but a British brand may still be on the cards.

Tyler Bate

WWE's long-delayed UK Network show is still very much in the company's plans, according to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The write-up states that while there's no guarantee that it'll actually come to fruition, WWE intend on starting the show by the end of the year. The original idea was to start taping in June, but almost three months have passed since then, and the company still haven't announced a start date.

While January's UK Championship Tournament was a major critical success, the report says that it was a "big money loser" for the company, despite them selling out Blackpool's Empress Ballroom for two consecutive nights. Thus, WWE have a lot of things to work out to ensure that future shows are profitable.

Fans could have been forgiven for thinking WWE had forgotten about the British project, given its recent lack of attention. The last UK-branded shows were held in Norwich back in May, and while the likes of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate have continued appearing on company programming, they haven't exactly had a strong televised presence.

It was rumoured earlier this month that WWE had abandoned their UK plans entirely, but this appears to be inaccurate.

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