WWE Sting Into The Light Review: 10 Insights You Need To Know

WCW Icon reveals all in new WWE DVD.

WWE's latest DVD and Blu Ray release is Sting Into The Light. Available now, it is new documentary and collection of matches. Not only is Sting interviewed, but fans also hear from big names like Jim Ross and Eric Bischoff. Add in backstage footage, plus a tour around WWE headquarters, and it adds up to being one of the most fascinating releases in recent memory. Plus, the matches included are very good. In honesty, WWE couldn't really go wrong with Sting for a project like this. He's one of the best wrestlers of his generation, and his back-story has always been fascinating. A private man, he's never really opened up in the way he has on this documentary. Viewers get to know a humble and dedicated individual. He worked hard to establish his career, respecting the business, and feeling a great deal of loyalty to WCW. His personal life is all about Christianity and family, and he's now feeling excited to finally be in WWE. He comes across as very genuine, and helps makes sense of some of WCW's craziness. The documentary clears up what happened in some of WCW's biggest scandals, and reveals a range of new information on things like his character and his signing with WWE. Here are the big insights you need to hear about...
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