WWE SummerSlam 2017: 10 Shocks That Could Happen

Jinder Mahal couldn't leave SummerSlam still your WWE Champ? Could he!?

WWE SummerSlam 2017

We all know what's going to happen at SummerSlam, right? The Universal Title Fatal-4-Way will main event the show and Brock Lesnar will leave with his belt. Meanwhile, Shinsuke Nakamura will end the Jinder Mahal project and leave as WWE Champion.

Those things seem obvious, almost too obvious in fact, so WWE could do some big things on 20 August that few (if anyone) will be expecting. It's a promotional habit for WWE to provide shocks, after all, even if they're not important long term. Just look at The Great Khali's return at Battleground for proof of that.

Nobody expected the giant Indian to come hobbling down the aisle and aid Jinder Mahal then, so who's to say something similar won't happen again at SummerSlam? Not the exact same thing though; WWE wouldn't book that kind of finish for the second consecutive pay-per-view, would they?

Would they?

10. One Of The Major Matches Gets Bumped To The Kickoff Show

Randy Orton Rusev

SummerSlam's card is bursting at the seams with 11 matches, so something has to give. Sure, the main show is four hours long, but there's a two hour Kickoff to fill too. Typically when that's the case (like at WrestleMania 33 and last year's SummerSlam), WWE will book three matches on the pre-show.

Could this mean that one of the bigger hitters will be relegated to the Kickoff? It makes sense to believe the Cruiserweight Title and at least one of the Women's Title matches will be on there, but what if WWE choose to put something like Randy Orton vs. Rusev on the pre-show too? Stranger things have happened.

The match doesn't have much of a story going in, and it's pretty much the weakest of the marquee attractions to boot. Maybe Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt could take this slot, but it makes more sense that the throwaway Orton vs. Rusev match would get the nod and be used to hype SummerSlam's main card.


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