WWE Super ShowDown 2019: 22 Things You Probably Missed

Not-so-friendly reminders on a hot, sweaty and dangerous night in Saudi Arabia...

WWE Super Showdown The Undertaker Goldberg

If only they hadn't botched that final Tombstone spot, Goldberg had been able to jump for the match-ending Chokeslam, he hadn't been knocked out by the ring post and both he and The Undertaker didn't look knackered five minutes in. If only, if only, if only.

As depressing to watch as the second half of this WCW vs. WWE dream match was, it's important to remember that these were two 50-somethings sweating hard in the oppressive Saudi Arabian heat. Does that mean the match quality would've been higher in the States? Definitely not, but it should be taken into consideration.

After scoring the win, the iconic 'Deadman' looked like he might live up to his nickname. That's not an easy thing to write for somebody who's grown up idolising The Undertaker's career, and it's not nice to criticise either legend for failing to live up to the grand billing WWE gave their unnecessary, sometimes dangerous main event beforehand.

Alas, here we are, looking at 22 things you might've missed from the promotion's latest trip to western Asia for Super ShowDown. Alongside some flubs from Goldberg and 'Taker, you'll find human decency, production techniques we'd love to see again, NXT appreciation and genuine emotion...


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