WWE Superstar Shake Up: 10 Shocking Changes That Could Happen

Will the blue brand finally become the 'A Show' before it moves from USA to Fox?


Following on from a very eventful WrestleMania, many fans will have been looking intently in the direction of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live in the last few days, keeping their eyes peeled for any debuts or returns. While we did see the likes of Lars Sullivan and Sami Zayn show up for the post-'Show Of Shows' buzz, it's next week's Superstar Shake-Up which should really...well, shake things up.

This two-day event sees the members of RAW and SmackDown trade places and move brands while NXT stars get called up to the main roster. Last year saw a few shocking changes such as SmackDown obtaining Samoa Joe and Asuka, with, er, Zack Ryder and Jinder Mahal going in the other direction.

With this year's event being described as an "international shake-up" due to it taking place in Montreal, there are rumours that there will be an influx of international talent, perhaps from the NXT UK brand. In addition to potential call-ups from the 'regional' rosters, there a host of possible shocks that could take place next week. These are just a handful of them.


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