WWE Survivor Series 2017: 10 Swerves That Could Happen

What if Triple H and Kurt Angle don't come to blows?

Survivor Series 2017

It could be said that WWE have already swerved fans by removing Jinder Mahal from the picture, replacing him with AJ Styles as WWE Champion, and setting the scene for a dream match between AJ and Brock Lesnar. They've also shuffled the pack in the women's division, crowning Charlotte the new SmackDown Women's Champ and setting her up as a replacement for Natalya against Alexa Bliss.

As if that wasn't enough, John Cena and Triple H have been added to the men's Survivor Series elimination match, and both Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon will be wrestling as Team Captains. There's a lot going on this Sunday, but what if WWE's creative team have more shocks up their collective sleeves?

The past few weeks have seen a real push to make Survivor Series feel huge. Forget the Royal Rumble - this is the real start on WWE's road to WrestleMania 34.

The Survivor Series card has (finally) been established, and there's even scope for further swerving...


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