WWE Survivor Series 2018: 10 Things That Must Happen

Time for 'The Man' to steal another show.

Daniel Bryan AJ Styles

The annual Raw vs. SmackDown monotony that surrounds this year's Survivor Series has been eased by WWE having the sense to book two massive singles matches around the traditional elimination fare.

Firstly, new heel WWE Champion Daniel Bryan replaces AJ Styles to give the match with Brock Lesnar a fresh overhaul from last year. Then, Charlotte Flair will replace the injured Becky Lynch against a fired-up Ronda Rousey. That's the bigger blow, but it does have some silver lining; now, Becky vs. Ronda can be kept in reserve (maybe even for WrestleMania) and it's not as though Flair is a rotten replacement.

Everything else is pretty much standard filler tarred with the usual agony of 'Us vs. Them' and without a prize to speak of. Both this and TLC in December are necessary evils for the writers right now. If given the choice, they'd surely flick through the calendar until Royal Rumble and the sweetness of 'Mania season.

They don't have that luxury. Here's what has to happen if Survivor Series has any chance of being both enjoyable and remembered...


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