WWE Survivor Series Results - CM Punk Wins After NXT Guys Make Shock Interference

Survivor Series results;

Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield and Jerry "The King" Lawler are on commentary. 1) Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel and Brodus Clay defeated Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, Tensai, Primo & Epico Tensai eliminated Clay with a backsplash Gabriel eliminated Tensai with a back slide Kidd eliminates O'Neil with a big kick to the head and then pin Mysterio rolls-up Primo for the pin Young is then eliminated when all the remaining faces hit their finishes. Mysterio, Cara, Kidd & Gabriel are the strong survivors. Kaitlyn is walking backstage when she is attacked by a mystery woman in a blonde wig. After they brawl, it turns out the attacker was Aksana. Eve Torres walks over and checks if Kaitlyn is ok before being shoved away. Their match is next. 2) WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres defeated Kaitlyn to retain her title with a big neckbreaker. Mick Foley gives his team a pep talk ahead of the big tag match tonight. He wants them all to do the "bang bang" signature but Orton refuses and says he hates Foley! 3) WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro defeated R-Truth with the Neutralizer to retain his title. AJ Lee comes to the ring and discusses Vickie Guerrero. She calls her a bunch of names and calls her a witch, or anything that rhymes with it. She says the best way to hide a secret is to accuse someone else of doing the same thing and that's what Guerrero has been doing recently. Vickie comes out to the ring and looks pissed. AJ says she was minding her own business at home when someone sent her a photo of what we see on the big screen - Vickie eating burritos at dinner with Ricardo Rodriguez. Another is then shown of Vickie having a BBQ with Jim Ross. AJ asks Vickie what she has to say for herself and Vickie says none of it is funny or true. Another photo shows Vickie in a leopard bathing suit dancing with Brodus Clay. Vickie says she has had enough of this... and AJ pushes the point that photos taken out of context mean nothing. They get ready to almost fight when AJ mentions that they would both be fired if they touched each other. Tamina Snuka then suddenly attacks from behind and lays AJ out. Tamina unloads on AJ and climbs to the top before delivering a Superfly Splash as Vickie looks on surprised but then begins laughing. Josh Matthews is backstage with Paul Heyman and WWE Champion CM Punk and they put over his long-title reign and the fact he will win tonight. 4) WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show defeated Sheamus when Show hits the Knockout Punch when Sheamus was distracted looking over referee Scott Armstrong, who he had accidentally hit with the Brogue Kick. Post-match, it is decided that Big Show was actually disqualified and the decision is reversed, Sheamus is the winner but Show keeps his title. 5) Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow & David Otunga defeated Kane, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, The Miz and Kofi Kingston in a traditional Survivor Series match. Kane eliminates Sandow with a Chokeslam Ziggler eliminates Kane with an attack from behind Bryan eliminates Otunga with a No Lock! Barrett hit the Bullhammer elbow to eliminate Kofi Kingston Del Rio eliminates Bryan with the Cross Armbreaker Miz eliminates Barrett with the Skull Crushing Finale Orton eliminates Del Rio with the RKO Ziggler eliminates Orton with the Superkick. Dolph Ziggler is the only survivor! 6) WWE Champion CM Punk defeated John Cena & Ryback to retain his title. The finish came when Ryback had hit the Shell Shocked on Cena and victory looked certain when three guys dressed in black rushed to the ring. They beat Ryback down and rolled him out of the ring. The guys are revealed as NXT stars Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. They powerbomb Ryback through the other table and Punk crawls up in the ring and covers Cena for the victory. After the match, Punk and Heyman are celebrating shouting "365" days to the camera!

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