WWE And TNA: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (May 11)

What a crazy week we had in professional wrestling. We€™ve got new Intercontinental and United States champions, witnessed the evening gown match make its triumphant return, and saw Kane go through a table of flames. It€™s just too bad that the men who put the fire out didn€™t do so five seconds earlier when the table was first set on fire. That seems like it would have been safer for everyone involved. Perhaps like Sheamus, they fell asleep on the job too. We also saw the debut of Adam Rose on Raw, Kalisto impress in NXT, and sadly we must soon prepare to say goodbye to Batista for his summer vacation. A lot went on these past seven days with Extreme Rules underwhelming fans, Sheamus and Sin Cara getting into a fight backstage (at least I hope it€™s true, and that Sin Cara was in full ring gear...and that there was blue lighting in the room at the time) and Raw turning into a bad horror film. It was a lot to digest, so let€™s do our best Ronnie Garvin impression and stomp on in and relive WWE and TNA€™s worst moments of the week.

As Rust Cohle from True Detective said "Life's barely long enough to get good at one thing. So be careful what you're good at." Sadly, I can't solve a murder like Rust...or change a tire, or even tie a tie. But I do know all the lyrics to Hulk Hogan's "Real American" theme song and can easily name every Natural Born Thriller from the dying days of WCW. I was once ranked 21st in the United States in Tetris...on the Playstation 3 version...for about a week. Follow along @AndrewSoucek and check out my podcast at wrestlingwithfriends.com