WWE To Induct Harlem Heat Into Hall Of Fame

Booker T will become a two-time, two-time Hall of Famer.

Harlem Heat Hall of fame

WWE's Hall of Fame Class of 2019 is shaping up into something of a Greatest Hits compilation of the ceremony, as the company announced on Monday morning that tag team Harlem Heat are the latest inductees.

Going in with older brother Stevie Ray will mark the second time Booker T has entered the hallowed hall, after the five-time WCW World champ and occasional commentator was inducted individually in 2013.

Whilst there's no question over Harlem Heat's contribution to the industry, it's a bit peculiar that the company have again plumped to double-up with another group. The finger of Shawn Michaels has already been measured for an additional ring, what with the imminent induction of D-Generation X. Likewise, it has been rumoured that Bret Hart will also get a second speech thanks to The Hart Foundation being given the nod.

In both cases, WWE's decision to honour the teams has been viewed as a sneaky way to feature superstars - specifically, Jim Neidhart and Chyna - which they were disinclined to induct solo, but whose inclusion fans have repeatedly called for.

By that logic then, Harlem Heat's induction is simply a way to get Stevie Ray on the stage.

Prototypical 'Diva' Torrie Wilson and record-holding Intercontinental Champion Honky Tonk Man will also be honoured in Brooklyn this April.

You have to wonder what Rick Martel has done to annoy the company.

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