The WWE has never been short of beautiful Divas. The majority of them may not be the best wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle, in fact some of them may never even wrestle but for most that’s not the reason they have been hired.  Most are former swimsuit and fitness models who are there to inject a large dose of sex appeal into the WWE product and give the large male audience a quick thrill.

As the Raw 1,000th episode beckons and the WWE are giving wrestling fans a bit of nostalgia every Monday night recently with the returns of Vader, Psycho Sid and Diamond Dallas Page, What Culture too are taking a look back at our favourite moments and wrestlers.

So without further delay, follow our journey through the top 25 hottest Divas in WWE history and see where your favourite Diva ranked…


25: Ashley Massaro

New York born Ashley Massaro was crowned the 2005 Diva Search winner and was instantly rewarded with $250,000 and a one year contract.

One of her biggest feuds was with Mickie James but on the 20.02.2006 episode of Raw, the storyline was cut short when Massaro suffered a fractured left fibula while being eliminated from the Women’s Battle Royal. She required surgery to insert a five-inch metal plate and eight screws into her leg.

Massaro was released from her WWE contract in 2008 after asking for her release due to her daughter being sick. During her time with the company she was romantically linked to Matt Hardy and Paul London. Lucky devils.


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This article was first posted on July 8, 2012