WWE Ultimate Warrior DVD Review: 10 Things You Should Know

When the WWE last released an Ultimate Warrior DVD, it served as one of the biggest character assassinations in company history. The man known as Warrior was portrayed as a selfish, egotistical, and delusional pro wrestler. His in-ring work was sneered at and his legacy as a lynchpin of the WWF boom into pop culture was undermined. Well "WARRIORS", as the man himself yells at the start of this new 2014 DVD, history is about to be amended. The WWE and Warrior are firmly back on good terms, Warrior helped promote 2013's WWE 2K14 video game, and this year he will be the key selling point of the WWE Hall Of Fame. Hostilities on both sides have been put to bed as a new working relationship takes off, the fist product of which is 'WWE: Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection.' Available on both DVD and Blu-Ray, the 3 disc set encompasses a range of Warrior's most famous matches and segments. There are some genuinely great wrestling contests and every big name from his era is present. It's all a wonderful slice of late Eighties nostalgia. The key selling point is a brand new sit-down interview with Warrior himself, who is of course always revelatory and intriguing in his discourse. His opinions on everyone from Eric Bischoff to Triple H are here. This feature will be the Ultimate look at Warrior's new 3 disc set, all the best things you need to know from WWE's new collection and interview...
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