WWE Update On Chris Jericho's Return - Who Is Mystery Woman From 'It Begins' Videos?

WWE's website has been updated with a further tease in relation to Chris Jericho's return. They seem to claim that there is more to Jericho's appearance that what we saw last night on Monday Night RAW where Y2J returned but decided not to cut a promo and are hinting that it might have something to do with the mysterious woman/girl in the 'It Begins' return videos. They say;

"Still, there are plenty of questions left unanswered between the videos and Jericho€™s shocking appearance on Raw SuperShow. For example, the fourth video refers to a mysterious €œshe.€ According to the clip, €œshe€ holds the answers to the return of Chris Jericho, and that when he calls her, he will begin to reclaim what is rightfully his. What does all this mean for the WWE? No one but Chris Jericho knows, and until he decides to let the rest of the world in on his ultimate goals, all the WWE Universe can do is conjecture. Certainly, Jericho has left us plenty of material to do precisely that."
It would be strange for the WWE to mention the woman in the video post-Jericho's return if it didn't have some kind of correlation to the planned storyline but then again, we wouldn't put it past them. If they do decide to make something of the woman in the videos, the only candidate that seems to come to mind is Stephanie McMahon but we've seen the Jericho/Stephanie storyline and team-up play out a dozen times before and it isn't something we would like to see repeated. WWE website was also updated with another note regarding the events of last night;
"After weeks of cryptic €œ1-2-12€ videos on Raw SuperShow, Chris Jericho made a shocking return and was warmly welcomed by the WWE Universe, greeting some with high-fives at ringside. As he urged them for more cheers, €œ#Y2J€ instantly became the No. 1 worldwide trend on Twitter. But as the Superstar €“ who was dressed in a dazzling, light-up, blinged out jacket €“ prolonged his homecoming, the WWE Universe€™s chants of €œwelcome back€ soon turned to boos. A smiling Jericho exited without addressing the Memphis crowd, leaving the irritated WWE Universe wondering why he€™s back."
It should be noted that Chris Jericho has not spoken on Twitter (where he is usually quite active) since he returned to the WWE last night, but has instead re-tweeted messages from his followers. And the final Y2J note, Lance Storm has mentioned on Twitter that he has been training with Jericho lately to get him ready for his return. He even states that they had a 17 minute match recently to get Jericho's timing and fitness in shape.
"Since he€™s back yes @IAmJericho did come back and train with me at SWA. We spent a couple days in the ring including a 17 min match #norust"

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