WWE Want To Sign Walter

Talks for the big Austrian are reportedly back on again.

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The Wrestling Observer are reporting that WWE are back in the hunt for 6'4" Austrian powerhouse Walter.

Dave Meltzer writes that the company tried to sign the reigning Progress World Champion and PWG Champ back in April, but talks stalled due to his contract status with wXw in Germany; Walter is an actual employee of the promotion, and not technically an independent contractor.

If WWE are able to broker a deal before the end of the year, the Observer speculates that Walter will become a major part of the fledgling NXT UK brand. Despite hailing from outside the country, Walter has built a strong reputation in local groups like Defiant, Revolution Pro and the aforementioned Progress, so that makes perfect sense.

Further to this, such a deal would enable him to continue working on the independent circuit, and that may keep Walter happy. It's believed he'd be used in similar fashion to Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne, both of whom are occasionally flown in for NXT tapings as special attractions.

The Observer didn't note whether or not signing for WWE would affect Walter's relationship with wXw.

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