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On a pretty average Monday Night Raw this week there was one announcement that seemed to have the whole WWE universe buzzing.

The Undertaker would join Daniel Bryan and Kane in a Six Man Tag Match against the Shield in London on the 22nd of April.

This is a great move by the WWE that works for all parties. Here’s why…


Why This Works For The Undertaker

The Undertaker

There is no doubt in anyone mind that The Undertaker draws. There is nobody- full time or part time- who can get the pops he does consistently in any location at any time. While the IWC deride part timers like The Rock sometimes for the path they take come Wrestlemania time there are few who begrudge the Deadman coming back each Wrestlemania and stealing the show. So the idea of the Undertaker staying after the show of shows is darned exciting.

However, pragmatically speaking, ‘Taker is no spring chicken anymore and he is too much of an asset to risk an injury like the one that occurred to the Rock at Wrestlemania. Therefore, another arduous 20+ minute war with somebody like CM Punk is possibly too much to ask at the moment. A 6 man tag team match works though as it allows him to hit some highlights while not taking too much wear and tear on his body.

Furthermore, if this year is to be the Undertaker’s Last Ride as a Superstar then this would be a fitting way to bow out to his British fans- standing shoulder to shoulder with his brother and his tag team partner.

Will they do more with him in the coming weeks? Who knows? But if Undertaker can stay injury free then there is no reason why they can insert him cleverly into storylines on a more active schedule.

We can only hope.

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This article was first posted on April 18, 2013