WWE Will Cover AJ Styles' TNA Career As Part Of Upcoming Network Show

Bruce Prichard will discuss AJ's Phenomenal pre-WWE years and may even feature TNA footage.

AJ Styles

WWE’s newest Network show, “Something Else To Wrestle”, debuted less than two months ago on 18 April. Since the start of its thirteen episode run, the video podcast featuring WWE legend Bruce Prichard and co-hosted by Conrad Thompson has been a runaway hit for the company’s online service. Much like the ongoing original podcast, the new WWE Network version doesn’t shy away from controversial topics or opinions that differ from the company's own.

In keeping with that spirit, Conrad Thompson disclosed a bit of information on the show’s upcoming ninth episode to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, namely that it will focus on AJ Styles' time with TNA Wrestling from 2010 to 2013. In those final three years with TNA, Styles was featured in a wide array of storylines, from the Fortune stable to Claire Lynch angle and even a later transition to a brooding loner with a vendetta against the promotion and its President, Dixie Carter. During this period, Prichard was an off-screen producer and later became Senior Vice President of Talent Relations for the company, and was also featured occasionally as an on-screen talent.

Bruce Prichard Conrad Thompson

Furthermore, according to Thompson, WWE is making an attempt to license footage from TNA’s video library. Impact Wrestling and parent company Anthem launched their own Network-like service, Global Wrestling Network, in October of last year. Conrad is hopeful that an agreement can be reached, saying to Barrasso, “We’ve got our fingers crossed. I think that deal would be good for everyone if [it] were put together. But we’ll see.”

WWE and Impact's relationship has continued to evolve with this news -- following up on TNA founder Jeff Jarrett’s recent Hall of Fame induction and Dixie Carter’s featured interview for a Kurt Angle Network special last year.


Let us know your thoughts on the episode's topic and potential use of TNA footage in the comments below.

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