WWE Women's Division To Replace Divas Title On Post-WrestleMania 32 Raw

Divas are about to be entirely re-branded.

WWE officials have commissioned a brand new Women's Championship belt to replace the current Divas title and will rebrand the whole division next week, according to PWInsider. The belt, which has already been ordered by WWE, will apparently resemble a smaller version of the WWE World Heavyweight Title. The company will also change the entire branding of the division, no longer referring to it at as the Divas Division. The change will reportedly come on Monday's Raw, the night after WrestleMania 32. Wrestling fans and several of WWE's women wrestlers have been asking for it for several months, and now it looks like it will finally become a reality. The Divas Championship was originally launched in 2008 during the WWE brand split. At the time, the Women's Championship was the primary belt on RAW, so the Divas Championship became the primary objective for female talent on SmackDown. The two belts were unified in 2010, and WWE chose to go with the Divas Championship due to the longtime branding of their female athletes as "Divas." The launch of the reality series Total Divas only helped to solidify the place of the Divas Title. However, many of the new generation of women wrestlers have been vocal about wanting to see the WWE Womens Championship belt and division return. They see the term "diva" as a negative; Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch (who will compete in a triple threat match at WrestleMania this Sunday) see themselves more as athletes than eye candy. It has always been believed that the Diva term connotes back to the days of WWE hiring women exclusively for their looks and not paying attention to their athletic ability. While looks still play a role, the company now typically only actively recruits women who they think have the athletic ability to succeed in the ring.
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