With the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble in our rear view mirror, all eyes are now set on Wrestlemania 29 from the New York/New Jersey area, in an outside venue no less! While we still have to make our way through the Elimination Chamber PPV, the storylines for the Showcase of the Immortals are all now being set and starting to move forward.

We here at WhatCulture take a look at where things are headed as we are about 10 weeks away.


11. The WWE Championship Picture


The Rock defeated CM Punk at the Rumble, and they now push towards February’s Elimination Chamber PPV for their expected rematch. There is a new development this week out of WWE in the form The Undertaker possibly not being available for Wrestlemania this year, and we will look closer at this situation in a later entry. However, this development with The Deadman complicates things for CM Punk as it relates to ‘Mania, as he was expected to face Taker this year at Wrestlemania.

If this holds true, look for the seeds of a Triple Threat WWE Championship main event to be planted at the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV that will eventually pit CM Punk against Cena and The Rock come April 7th for the title belt.

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This article was first posted on January 31, 2013