WWE Wrestlemania 29: Vince McMahon Nixes Antonio Cesaro Match

Antonio Cesaro

For those of you who may be wondering why United States Champion Antonio Cesaro is not appearing on either the WrestleMania PPV or the pre-show it appears it has a lot to do with Vince McMahon's personal feelings towards him according to a report coming out of Wrestle Zone.com this afternoon.

According to the source there had originally been plans for the United States Championship to be featured on the Pay Per View when initial match drafts were drawn up in the months leading up to WrestleMania. In fact the United States Championship was going to be on the line alongside the Intercontinental Championship in the same match with both belts up for grabs. The premise for the match was akin to Money in the Bank except it would have been more similar to a traditional ladder match in that the titles would be hanging from the rafters not a briefcase. The match would feature 8 wrestlers and would end when both belts had been taken down and were in someone's hands or around their waist.

Theoretically Cesaro could have walked away as a double champion or we could have seen two new champions but instead the match was cut because WWE Chairman Vince McMahon doesn't like Cesaro as a worker. This not only means Cesaro misses out on a WrestleMania pay off it also means his days as a top guy in WWE may be numbered with zero support from the number one decision maker in the company.

With that in mind though there was another wrestler who Vince McMahon wasn't keen on and he ended up as the longest reigning WWE Champion in the modern era and will challenge The Undertaker on tonight's show. So maybe things aren't as bad as they seem. But for now Cesaro must be extremely disappointed that he will not make it onto the WrestleMania card.

Presumably the match would have also featured Wade Barrett and The Miz with guys like Kofi Kingston and R-Truth helping to make up the numbers. WrestleMania ladder matches are almost always exceptional and there's no doubt this could have been a show stealer if Vince had agreed.


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