WWE WrestleMania 30: 10 Best Gimmick Matches For The Undertaker

A regular match just won't cut it for when it comes to defending the streak, so here's some of the more creative ways we think it could go down.

The Undertaker Undertaker's enduring streak will again be put on the line at Wrestlemania 30. It's the most anticipated match of the WWE calendar, however, it's increasingly hard for the WWE to book. The biggest issue is Undertaker's health €“ he's chronically in pain with nagging injuries. In recent years he's hid himself away for most of the year, nursing the hurt of multiple surgeries on his knees, back and shoulders. Last year, The Undertaker was so beaten-up he almost didn't make the annual classic. It was a very late call that his feud with Punk would go ahead. When the two did step in the ring it was fantastic, Punk had the in-ring prowess to work a sublime and safe match with 'The Deadman.' The problem in 2014 will be that Undertaker has to work a twenty minute-plus main event with a talent not at Punk's level. The reported match will be Brock Lesnar taking on the streak. It is hard to imagine how WWE will book this as a straight up one on one match €“ both men will have issues of ring rust, and Lesnar is most effective in a brawling fight. Taker needs to work with a talent who can handle him safely €“ Brock is notoriously stiff and has been judged dangerous at times. The two part-timers will need some help, we can assume. It's likely that WWE will give the pair a series of short cuts they can take by booking the encounter in a gimmick match. This will allow the men to rest and create drama without taking too many dangerous bumps. It's ironic that a steel steps spot is a lot safer than some of the moves in Lesnar and Taker's repertoire. So with this in mind, let's line up the 10 best options for gimmick matches with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30...
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