WWE WrestleMania 30: 10 Shocking Turns That Could Happen On The Night

10. Tamina Snuka

As the female Diesel to AJ Lee's Shawn Michaels, Tamina Snuka has played her role pretty damn well for the better part of the last year. She's been a bodyguard of sorts, the muscle behind Lee's brilliant, intentionally irritating cowardice. But that relationship was built for corrosion from day one, and should WrestleMania bring a match for the Diva's championship, Snuka's face turn should be imminent. In terms of storyline €“ and independent from the whole Total Divas fiasco €“ Snuka is the only remaining believable challenger to the longest reigning Diva's champion of all time. The dynamic between the two has been good to watch at times, as Lee's self involved character clearly only regards Snuka as an object that helps her keep the clock ticking away of her days on top. But if Tamina were to turn against AJ, she wouldn't just garner cheers from everyone, but would also start to build herself a persona all of her own. Eventually clashing against AJ in the future - either for the title or not - would be a great payoff. How could it happen? It is beginning to seem as though €“ if there were to be a Diva's match at WrestleMania €“ it'd consist of AJ against one of the Total Divas cast members for the title. Whoever it is, Tamina Snuka would no doubt accompany AJ to ringside and the turn could happen one of two ways. The first would be for Tamina to attack AJ after the match. It would make no sense for AJ to attack Tamina, seeing as Snuka is a much bigger, more imposing force than Lee. Perhaps AJ will lose the title, somehow due to a botched interference on Snuka's part, and will begin to whine about her loss, culminating in a huge superkick from Snuka, releasing roughly a year of pent up frustration. On the other hand, perhaps Tamina could directly help one of the Total Divas win the title from AJ. Whatever happens, the majority of the Total Divas cast will be painted as utter faces, and should Snuka help one of them out, she would be too. Both options would set up a future feud between Snuka and Lee, which could be the WWE's first great Divas feud since Lee's with Kaitlyn on the road to Payback last year.

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