WWE WrestleMania 30: 10 Superstars Who Could Face The Undertaker

WrestleMania 30 is going to be a special occasion. Completing three decades of WrestleMania is going to be a spectacle…

Siddharth Grover



WrestleMania 30 is going to be a special occasion. Completing three decades of WrestleMania is going to be a spectacle for everyone involved with the company: whether its boss, its employers, its employees or its viewers. WrestleMania XXX will be an amazing event, and because it completes the three decades of the establishment of WrestleMania, we will get a grand event to celebrate it.

The Undertaker will obviously be one of the special parts of the majestic evening. With an impressive 21-0 streak at WrestleMania, the Undertaker has cemented his legacy by defeating every single opponent he stood against at the showcase of the immortals. The Undertaker has constantly provided excellent matches with these stars and has never failed to impress, even at this age. Many sources have said, however, that this match just might be Undertaker’s last bout at WrestleMania, and after that, he will have to face his inevitable retirement.

Therefore, the following are the ten superstars he could face off in his last match, since it would mean a lot to both the Undertaker, and his opponent. His opponent might even end the Streak! Click Next to proceed through the slideshow.

10. Ryback


Feed me more! Feed me more! Ryback is on a roll currently as he recently turned heel. He has a wonderful match with John Cena at Extreme Rules, and he took John Cena to his limit, yet he couldn’t gain the WWE Championship, since the match ended in a draw.

Imagine Big Hungry facing the Undertaker at WrestleMania! Two of the strongest men in this business, the Undertaker and Ryback have never had an altercation yet, but if they do, bad things will happen to each of these men. One thing is for sure, a match between Ryback and the Undertaker would be worth watching. The new and young superstar facing the old legend in this business is always a great tagline for a match, and this match will justify it.

If The Ryback ends up facing the Phenom at WrestleMania, it would be a bout worth watching. Hopefully, we get this showdown for the grandest stage of them all.