WWE WrestleMania 30 Card: 6 Main Events Already Hinted At

Wm 30 What a stunning conclusion to Monday Night Raw. It should really have been a final selling point to the TLC pay per view this weekend, but Raw's climax seemed to have far more Wrestlemania 30 allusions in its content. The Raw 'Championship Ascension' main event segment was a satisfactory response to recent creative decline. WWE filled the angle with incident and drama, posing several questions to the audience. The ending bolstered the TLC pay per view this weekend, and also tantalized at the teases of potential Wrestlemania 30 matches. In this feature I will fully examine the matches that Raw has hinted at, with last night's closing angle being the strongest indication yet that Mania's main event contests are decided on. Regarding the segment itself, I loved it. There were so many major personalities in the ring to see the championships raised. Seeing CM Punk's shoot expressions when Triple H called himself the best champion ever was priceless. Randy Orton was on vicious form with stinging comments to Mick Foley and Bret Hart. When 'The Viper' told Hart that if he had faced him in Montreal there would be no need for a screw job, because he would have knocked Hart out, it seemed like 'The Hitman' was genuinely flustered. The 'Shoot' comments continued when Cena entered the ring. He ripped into Orton with hints of truth about Randy never really making it as big as he should have, always having Hunter push him regardless of performance. Cena even touched on Orton's personal problems in the locker room. There were further shoot statements from Cena, he mentioned Bryan never being given the chance he deserved, and referenced that he had been the only one to push for Dolph Ziggler in main events. It was clear that WWE are in touch with the gripes of fans who have slaughtered the product in recent months. In case they didn't fully grasp it, the crowd let them know - they chanted "Daniel Bryan" throughout the closing segment, even when it didn't relate to Bryan. Hunter had to stop his promo because he was so drowned out by the Bryan chants. The highlight of the segment was when the show closing brawl erupted. It seemed to be the first major foundation stone in the Wrestlemania 30 build. Here we talk through that action and the main events WWE has hinted for Wrestlemania 30, looking at some of the different scenarios WWE has created. At least one of these stories are bound to further transpire ...
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