WWE WrestleMania 30 Plans Change To Shawn Michaels vs CM Punk Feud?

Daniel Bryan Vs Shawn Michaels Vince McMahon has been known to erratically change his mind on WWE creative plans. It has been well documented that even up until the day of a show the WWE boss will drastically alter the planned script. There has been more of an emphasis on long term planning in recent years, but McMahon remains a story teller who acts on instinct. Along with WWE Head of Creative Paul 'Triple H' Levesque, the writing team has laid several plot points for a Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michaels feud in recent months. The angle started at Hell in a Cell, where HBK cost Bryan the title with sweet chin music. The next night on Raw, the would have been champion attacked Michaels. In December the hostilities continued, there was a stare off as Bryan won a slammy for 'Superstar of the year' and later that night the popular star decked HBK with a running knee. It looked as if Michaels was well and truly back to work a program with Bryan. However, it looks as if creative plans have been drastically changed. Daniel Bryan's crowd reactions have gone from loud to insanely loud. He is unbelievably over with the fans. Creative plans had suggested that Bryan would go into Wrestlemania 30 to work with HBK or HHH. It now looks as if WWE have rethought this owing to the fan reactions and demand for Bryan in the title scene. It got to the point last week on Raw Triple H had to halt a promo about Cena and Orton because fans refused to stop chanting "Daniel Bryan." It has caused a rethink. On Raw this week we witnessed Bryan re-implicated in the WWE title picture "because he won a Slammy for superstar of the year." Shawn Michaels was not forgotten about. The WWE Hall of famer surprisingly came out to confront CM Punk when the Straight Edge Superstar was calling out Triple H. Michaels told Punk to forget about the Authority, and acted somewhat of a heel to the crowd. The fans responded with "you sold out" chants. Punk then told Michaels if he was to ever superkick him again he will kick him back. Michaels then introduced The Shield and the focus turned to a match. It was an unexpected and interesting confrontation. It seems as if WWE have decided to change plans, Punk is no longer going to work in the title picture but will swap roles with Bryan who was due to work with HBK / HHH. The popularity of the bearded star appears to have forced WWE's hand. Adding to the speculation that this is a last minute creative change, HBK tweeted "Nothing like a last minute phone call...however, it's always nice to see everybody!! #RAW."
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